Orchard Writing Services

I want to give you the best chance of living your literary dream. Whether you're writing a memoir, novel, narrative nonfiction, or treatise outlining your unique expertise in politics, business, medicine, or technology I can help you develop and write the best possible manuscript.

Once your manuscript is finished, I’ll help you find the right agent/publisher or guide you through the complex and oftentimes dense forest that is the world of self-publishing.

While I offer services that go from cradle to bookshelf, I know that each writer has a unique set of needs. For some it’s merely polishing a completed manuscript while for others it’s guiding and coaching them as they write their story, something akin to an on-call writer’s therapist. This means that I’m available to help you no matter your need or progress on the road to publication.

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I also have created a fee structure that meets the needs of the people I want to work with. Whether you are a seasoned writer who needs to have a manuscript shined up with a finish edit, have a story you need a ghostwriter to help with, or want a writing coach to help you develop and improve your skills, I want to be affordable to you.

This is especially true of my coaching clients. I work as an on-call coach for a set fee that covers a three month, six month, nine month, or twelve month period. For one fee, you have me when you need me for as long as you need me. I will guide you through story development and structure, establishing plot points that lead to compelling set-pieces, self-editing, dialogue, scene, and character. I will also help you prepare an effective book proposal and wend your way through the agent/publisher query process.

For all of my clients, I create a personal, password-protected section of my website to store all of the materials and media we share or create. This includes recordings of phone meetings and interviews, drafts with comments and revisions, general research, book proposals, information on relevant agents and publishers, submission strategies and schedules, query tracking, and any other materials related to your project.

I am also available at any time to my clients. This means you have an on-call writing coach, editor, writer, or publishing consultant available to you as the need arises. For example, having trouble understanding how to connect a series of plot points so they lead to a compelling set-piece? I’m a phone call away. Or, if you need to discuss comments made by a prospective agent or publisher? I’m a phone call away.