Sell Your Writing

The most challenging and heart rending aspect of writing anything is selling it. There are more gatekeepers between you and publishing your manuscript than you can count.

There are the mainstream agents who are very good at finding ways to say no, some polite and others not so nice. Most large publishing houses won’t even look at a query or manuscript unless they’ve solicited it from you or it is sent by an agent.

The slush pile in a publisher or agent’s office is so named because it’s where manuscripts go to be read by interns and recent MFA grads and die an ignoble death. Every so often a manuscript makes its way through, but these are long odds.

Simply stated, the front door is not open to most writers.

This is why I help you create and/or find the intersection of preparedness and opportunity; otherwise known as luck. It is the back or side entrance and how the vast majority of writers find their way through the gatekeepers.

I want to help you formulate a strategy that gives you the best chance of success. For a handful, this means boldly walking up to the front door and saying, Here I am. For others, it means developing a strategy that maximizes your strengths and follows the most likely pathway to success, whether it’s a mainstream agent and publishing house or a smaller, specialized press.

And there are more strategies that can be crafted to meet the unique attributes of you and your manuscript.

The first step is reaching out and having a conversation—no fee charged—with me to discern how I could best help you publish your manuscript.

Publication Services

  • Create detailed strategy to publish your manuscript

  • Prepare a detailed book proposal

  • Prepare an effective query letter

  • Create a list of most likely agents with contact info

  • Prepare list of most likely small publishing houses with contact info

  • Self-publishing guidance

  • Provide a list of best self-publishing houses tailored to your needs

  • On-call consulting as you move forward on the strategy

Email James at: James@OrchardWriting.Com