I have been lucky to work with numerous clients to produce books that:

  • Explore the intersection of cutting edge business concepts and technology for authors with large international audiences. This includes a manuscript on Internet governance for The MIT Press; a book examining enterprise 2.0, business model innovation, Web 2.0 and related issues titled "Mesh Collaboration: Creating New Business Value in the Network of Everything;" and a book examining enterprise performance management methodologies titled "Driven to Perform: Risk-Aware Performance Management From Strategy Through Execution."
  • Explain methods to improve medical research that have the potential to hasten the discovery of therapies to cure or manage cancer titled “From X-Rays to DNA.” The author of this book is David Lee, CEO of Lumicell Diagnostics, Inc., and has an appointment at MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. The book was produced in collaboration with Nobel Laureate Chris Sharp; Jeffrey Drazen, Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine; and Robert S. Langer, an American engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and the David H. Koch Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Memoirs and narrative nonfiction books. These include the story of a father helping guide his son’s journey through intensive care after nearly dying in a motorcycle crash, a 19-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that killed her brother and father and left her in a Guatemalan field as her mother burns inside the plane, two children who survive horrible traumas to find each other as adults and fall in love, and the story of a 10-year-old girl surviving the Holocaust by hiding in the forests of eastern Poland, alone, for two-and-a-half years.

Most, if not all of my clients describe working with me as a form of writing and story therapy where the creative process leads to important insights that greatly improve the story or theory being described. In part, this is due to the process I follow. I will work with you to develop the story to its most marketable and compelling form, layout its structure and chapters, outline each chapter, create a final manuscript, and then help you publish your work.