James & Orchard Writing

Hello and welcome to my writing home on the Internet.

First, I grew up near orchards, attended a Quaker boarding school with an orchard, my favorite book is The Orchard, and I LOVE LOVE peaches. So, Orchard Writing it is.

On here, you can find information to help you be a better writer, products and tools to support your writing, and services that will help you achieve your literary dreams and goals.

My writing services include ghostwriting, help finding agents and publishers (I'm pretty good at this), and editing, but the service I'm most excited about is my on-call writing coach work.

When I first started writing the one thing I wanted and felt I needed more than anything was a mentor with whom I could discuss my work, ask questions when they came to me, and generally a guide to help me become a better writer and learn the ins and outs of the writing business. I'd seen how others received a hand up and what it meant to their career.

I knew that if I had a mentor, before long I'd walk on my own two feet and have the writing career I'd dreamed of.

Without such a mentor, I also knew it would take far longer to achieve my goals.

This is why I offer my services on an on-call basis for set periods of time. I will act as your mentor, coach and guide to help you become a better writer and publish your work. Before too long, you will have the knowledge to do these things on your own.

I want to be the person who gives you a hand up and an even playing field.

Please follow the links below to learn more about me, my services, and how I can help you.