James & Orchard Writing

As your writing coach and/or ghostwriter I will help you:

  •   Create, tell and sell your story from cradle to bookshelf.
  •   Learn how to break through clich├ęs and platitudes to find larger, unheard truths.
  •   Write real human beings with complex emotional states and motivations.
  •   See the narrative that excites and entertains a reader.
  •   Incorporate concepts such as theory of the mind, empathy & sympathy into your writing so you inhabit the psyche of a character.
  •   Become a thought leader in your chosen field. 
  •   Believe that you are truly an artist able of achieving your literary dreams.

I will work with you to delve into what it means to be a writer and author as well as be available to you to meaningfully discuss your work, answer questions as they come to you, and better understand the business of writing. And I will do all of this for a reasonable fee.

I will also help you create, or write for you, the materials you need to be a published author. This includes:

  • List of Prospective Agents and Publishers
  • Query Letters
  • Book Proposals

And the result of working with me as your mentor, coach, and/or ghostwriter? A lasting friendship, a few laughs, and creative work that opens a world of possibilities to you.

It all starts with a free thirty-minute call.

To schedule a free thirty-minute phone consultation please email me at