Pesky Words

When I finish a piece of writing there are a few quick editing steps I take. The first is to look for passive voice. I've gotten good at not using it, but I am far from perfect and find a number of instances in any piece of writing.

The second thing I do is look for words that indicate lazy writing or poor sentences. I've created a list in OneNote that I add to as I find new pesky words. Right now, they are:

  1. Additionally
  2. Merely
  3. Nearly
  4. Just
  5. To do
  6. Much
  7. Can
  8. My
  9. Would
  10. That
  11. Could
  12. I
  13. You
  14. The
  15. "Crutch Words"
  16. In fact
  17. --ing
  18. --ness
  19. --ize
  20. --ingly

Not always, but generally speaking, these words indicate transitions and sentences or whole paragraphs that fall down a little bit and with some pruning and replanting could be made much more verdant.