Books for Writers

Bellow are links to a range of tools that I've used or I believe will be helpful to you as a writer or finding your way through the business of writing.

Storycraft by Jack Hart is possibly the greatest single how-to book for anyone wanting to learn how to write a true and compelling story, whether you are writing nonfiction or fiction. In particular, the chapter on structure is brilliant. If you read only one part of this book, make it the chapter on structure, which I find to be the most important and least understood step of the writing process. I recommend this book to ALL of my clients.

The Emotional Thesaurus is probably the tool I use most, second perhaps to a thesaurus. When you really wrap your mind around the concept of show don't tell, you are using body language, internal sensations, thoughts, and anything else you can create to convey mood and emotion. This thesaurus provides the suggestions and ideas that can help spark your thinking as well as help understand the parameters of certain behaviors in relation to the emotion the character is experiencing. I do not take things directly from the thesaurus, but they are where I start to formulate how I'm going to show an emotion, internal reaction to external stimuli, etc. This is a very handy and powerful tool.


Not everyone is a fan of Hemingway's stories. He was definitely sexist and most certainly reflected the racial attitudes most prevalent during his times. However, his writing is sparse and carries a simple beauty and grace that is rare even today.
The book where he shows how he came to hone the skill and where he offers lessons to writers of all ages and degree is A Moveable Feast. This is where he said write just one true sentence as a means to break writer's block (I have this tattooed on my arm). If for no other reason, this one bit of advice makes the book worthwhile as does his description of Paris in the 1920s.


The best notebook to carry with you to write in, jot down interesting dialogue, story ideas, notes, daily journal, and anything else you would need a sturdy notebook for. I carry at least one with me everywhere I go and use it to note the interesting things people say, unique perspectives, ideas, scenes, good words, and so on. I can't stress enough how important it is to have a good notebook on hand.

The link on the left is the regular size and the right is a smaller pocket size.

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