Software For Writers

The software listed below is designed not to become a crutch so much as a means by which you can train yourself to be a better writer and access greater and more powerful resources to help you create. I suppose, too, we all miss the tap of a typewriter as we work away at story or some piece of writing, but for many of us, the ease and efficiency of technology has enabled greater productivity. It shouldn't just enable productivity, but where and when possible, help us eliminate our Achilles heels as writers. 

The software below will, hopefully, help you produce more and better writing.


Scrivener for Windows and Mac


Perhaps you've heard of Scriveners. It's a powerful content creation tool that operates much like Word, but with far more features to help organize not just your draft, but all of the supporting materials around it. For example, research for a particular chapter or chapter section is easily accessible so that you no longer have to go hunting through files to find relevant media (text, recordings of interviews, video, etc.). It's all right there. 

Scrivener also makes it very easy to collect, order, file and access ideas on the fly. It helps you build an outline before you write and place relevant notes, research and other materials in the right place and in a manner that is intuitive to you.

For more on this software and its features, please click the link at right:

Scrivener for Windows

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

You can purchase Scrivener for Windows by following the link to the left. If you want a free trial version of the software, just click the link below:

Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X

You can buy the Mac version through the link to the right. Unfortunately, there isn't a trial offer available for Mac users.

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)


From Writer's Digest: When you’re ready to write a screenplay, you want only the best screenwriting software to help you get to from initial concept to FADE OUT. That’s why you need the all-new Final Draft 9 program, the number-one selling tool designed specifically to write scripts for film, television and theater. Final Draft automatically formats and paginates your script to Industry standards with just two simple keystrokes.

Final Draft 9 retains all of its studio-tested features used by Hollywood giants like Tom Hanks, J.J. Abrams, James Cameron, and Aaron Sorkin, while setting new benchmarks in performance and ease of use. With Final Draft 9, you’ll enjoy over 30 new and improved features, plus a fresh look and feel for both Mac and Windows users.


From Amazon: Persona aids you in crafting archetypal themed characters and plots by using time-honored psychological principles to describe the motivations and interactions between different characterizations of people. Whether your story's hero is a brainiac talking fish or your villainess is an outcast orphanage owner, Persona helps you explore how each characters unique psychology and background influences their dealings and dialogue.